So, What is PoliteMail?

PoliteMail provides email campaign and analytics tools for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. PoliteMail enables corporate communicators to create, send, measure and improve the results of their internal communications to employees.

PoliteMail adds the following tools to Microsoft Outlook:

  • Email Communications Measurement & Metrics
  • Responsive HTML email templates for Outlook
  • Employee feedback, simple surveys and polls
  • Email Campaigns and Scheduling
  • Mailing List Management

PoliteMail helps improve corporate newsletters, HR/benefits email, executive email, sales enablement and other employee communications.

What makes PoliteMail different?

Unlike broadcast email products like ExactTarget, or online email marketing tools like Constant Contact, PoliteMail works inside your corporate Outlook/Exchange environment, so internal communications stay internal, and open rates are more accurate and vital metrics like read-time can be measured.

External email tools require the user to import and manage their mailing lists, and are unable to use internal Exchange or Active Directory distribution group lists directly.

External email tools send internal email from outside the company, so it is treated like any other email marketing – meaning it could be blocked, spam filtered, and content/images will not automatically download.

External email often includes the vendor’s logo and an automated opt-out link, and typically you do not want employees having the ability to opt-out of your internal corporate communications.

For More info:

Check out our website

Follow us on Twitter

Check out the PoliteMail LinkedIn page

shoot us an email at sales@politemail.com

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